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Nothing left to say
Empty words
Fluttering scraps
The mind an emptied dance hall
Grasping for whispers
Lost in the silence
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Mature content
Personship V. 2 :iconmeahmeah:meahmeah 1 2
Life on Mars
Well, today looked like a cheerful enough day. When Kora rolled out of bed, anyway. The canned air smelled slightly less like the supposed-to-be-sterile containers it came in, and the power was on. Always a good sign when one lived on Mars. Both of those things happening on the same day tended not to happen, like one was an apology for the other. Today, therefore, was looking up from yesterday's candles and gas masks.
It looked cheerful enough, until she turned on the telescreen for the daily climate report. The climate being entirely fabricated for the comfort of Mars residents, the telescreen report was a good way to let Kora know if it was, in fact, a day in which the climate was for her comfort or someone else's. Today's climate report sounded odd, though. Looked odd, anyway. The sound was delayed (by fifteen seconds, as usual).
"There's very little atmosphere today, folks. We seem to be having a malfunction in the climate regulation, and the Society for Martian Organized Governmen
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Living Sin
Living Sin
Looks at him
and slips inside his mind
He cannot
STOP! to see
The wrong He may not find
Hurting Her
He wants Them
but no 1 can have 2
Darkness does
become Him
what He can't see to do
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Mental Gravitation
Like the edge of a mindgasm
And one little breath
Will push you over the edge
Like knowing you can never
Breathe that good air again
And the bad isn't worth breathing
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What She'll Say
Today she woke up
A little sick, a little down,
But nothing's really wrong,
At least that's what she'll say
If anyone bothers to ask.
They won't-
But she can always dream.
Dreaming's all she does
On days like these.
It's better than crying.
At least that's what she'll say
If she asks herself why.
Tomorrow will be better.
She'll wake up again
Against her better judgement,
That's what she'll say,
And shoot headfirst into
Mindless rocket fuel
Of hormones and chemicals
Inside her dying mind.
At least that's what she'll say
When they ask why she did it.
Today she woke up
Shaking and cold with fear,
Torn between tears and apathy.
And maybe she'll say
That tomorrow will be better
If she can just get up out of bed
Or find the motivation to move.
It will be better tomorrow.
At least that's what she'll say
When she wakes up the next day.
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Lunatical Murk
Reality flows in and out-a ghostly
Mother peeking in at her feverish child
Through the walls of the dark nursery.
Dreams take over slowly, gaining
Power over the dreamer, who fears
The nightmare the truth has become.
Flights of fantasy grow longer
And landings are brief and terrifying-
Crashes down on life's trampoline runways.
Life itself is fleeting, fleeing
From the mind's own intoxicating
Drug-understated, unknown-unreal.
Tactile sensations tether breaths
Between gasps of bizarre visions
Choking loudly, louder than fact.
Darkness never comes, for light,
Albeit at the end of a tunnel,
Dances in the icy eyes of insanity.
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You Just Lost...
The game was lost by all nearby.
Because of one not-so-nice guy:
He shouted it out
And without a doubt,
Everyone near wished he would die.
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Mums and Garters
Silence dances among the sounds of bells.
Our voices do not carry as they would
If we were only honest with ourselves.
Silence is golden truly bound and good,
But the bells are silver and blue. They ring
Within our souls, reminding all of what
They mean. A gift from you to me and things
From me to you, these games played strangely—but
We play along every time that they say
It is again that time of year for bows
And laughter that means we know how to play
The game of lies and faking silly shows.
The candy means as much as words written
In paint: little more than to be bitten.
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Nothing's Wrong
You know something's wrong
When your reflection makes you sick
So you can't even walk past a mirror.
It hurts when you smile, so you grin so wide
Just to feel like you've got nothin' to hide.
And I'm only happy when I hear your heart
Beating like it's always done
Cause I know while it's pumping
You'll be here still,
Holding me back from jumping.
Something's wrong?
No, nothing is wrong.
We're both just terrible liars.
I can't hide from you
My feelings—the truth
Pain isn't something worth healing.
And I'm only happy when I hear your heart
Beating like it's always done
Cause I know while it's pumping
You'll be here still,
Holding me back from jumping.
You hold me back from flying
But to tell you the truth,
I'm terrified of the air.
Falling is fun
But hitting the ground is something worse than dying.
And I'm only happy when I hear your heart
Beating like it's always done
Cause I know while it's pumping
You'll be here still,
Holding me back from jumping.
You know something's wrong
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GSA Poster :iconmeahmeah:meahmeah 3 9
Two Men in Love
Two names that started cropping up well before I got there, and were commonplace when I met my friends. Kamenwati and Runihura. They were Egyptian. They spent a large portion of their time lurking on their myspace and sexing it up in the bathrooms. They were also entirely fabricated. Kamenwati was Carrie's baby, and Runihura belonged solely to Harriot. Well, he also belonged to Kamenwati, but that didn't count for much in my book.
I'm not sure why it was so much fun to create fake gay males and play around on myspace with them, or to taunt other people with them, but to our little group, it was more exciting than an action movie. Those two were just the beginning. They were the most real to us, almost like they were a part of our little clique all on their own.
They were superseded by a new character of Carrie's. His name was Alex. Just as gay as his predecessors, he was alone in that he was single (except when he was sleeping with one of the Egyptian lovelies). Rather than make him a
:iconmeahmeah:meahmeah 1 2
Closets are for Clothing
When I met her, my first impression of Carrie wasn't particularly phenomenal. She was just another hyper older girl, like so many others I knew. Except that she wasn't. There was just something about her that made her different.
The difference was that I could, and willingly did, spend hours at a time with Carrie, or talking to Carrie, or just thinking about Carrie. She was my favorite of all my friends, new or old, and I had no idea why that was. It wasn't that there was anything special about her. She was just special; she was different.
My whole being seemed to revolve around exactly what she said and when, what she wanted at any given moment. I was fascinated by what she ate for breakfast. Not that I let anyone know my mind was always wandering toward the quirky young woman (although she never acted older than twelve). Thus, all the people I knew assumed I was being my usual, airy, distractible self.
It took me weeks, months, to realize why I was so fixated on her. Even when I did
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The Practice Room Cult
A routine slowly began to develop in my life. Go to school. Meet up with all my friends in the cafeteria before class starts. Head to class and text message them underneath the desk while, on occasion, glancing at the board to look like I cared about the wrong information my first period teacher was compelled to impart upon us. Second period was hanging out with Carrie and Grace and learning rather useless phrases in a language that was only spoken in one small country. Third period was returning to the first period routine. Fourth was, unfortunately, monopolized by a batty old woman forcing us to write pointless essays on the main character, a Mr. Ian Woon (and we had to call him that or risk getting ten points taken off), of a short story nobody else on Earth had ever heard of.
Fifth period. We lived for fifth period. When I finally managed to get there, I had fun. After the first day of class, we started actually playing instruments in orchestra, but it was fun because I got to shar
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That First Day
The first day of high school is pretty much designed to be trauma, especially when you haven't met a soul in the place before hand. Karma seemed to enjoy messing with my head recently, when it decided that it should be my fate to go to a completely different school from nearly all of my friends. Perhaps it was more my decision to go to the magnet school for the nerdy kids, but honestly, who wants to blame themselves?
It was all moving fairly smoothly, considering. By smoothly, I mean nobody gave enough of a shit to  even notice me. Homeroom was reliably dull and paperwork filled, as any first-day homeroom ought to be. It was comfortably numbing, and I slept through the whole mess. Any kid worth his nuts had been through the whole mess nine times prior to that day, anyway.
After hours of sitting and twiddling thumbs, they actually let people go to first period. Quite a lovely first period, it turned out I had. The teacher was beige. Monochromatic must have been her middle name
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No Idea
Say we're better than best,
But you're still spouting shit.
The idea of me is all you'll ever need.
What's the point of trying if I know you'll never see?
Say we're closer than close,
But you still have no idea.
You're too busy thinking you know best.
What's the point of thinking if you do all the rest?
Say you know me well,
But you've never seen me true.
Just talk about yourself until the end.
What's the point of talking if you've never listened?
Say we've got it all,
But we both know thats a lie.
You couldn't care any less for us.
What's the point of caring if what you say is bogus?
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Random Favourites

Your popularity skill has increased.
Yo, so here is the deal.
To increase your popularity on deviantart.  The 'artist' must take the tablet and stylus in which GOD has given him/her and ram it against the wall, utterly destroying it.  Because creating original artwork is a SIN against NATURE!
What one must really do, is download a ton (yes, 2,000 glorious pounds) of anime.  
Then, proceed to watch them non-stop until you feel as though the split second frame you see is the most beautiful darn thing in the entire freaking world.  
Press the PRT SCRN Button, or on a MAC - press command, shift,
:iconjonnyelart:jonnyelart 141 95
Why The Staff Is Wrong About Tracing
Friends at deviantART, here is the article that was part of the inspiration to create this club. Before you can understand this article you'll need to have read it.
While I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the job that the CEA team does, I was shocked, disgusted, and incredibly disappointed when I came across the aforementioned article. I've been a member of deviantART for quite some time and I remember the days before all this tracing nonsense was allowed.
Given recent events which I will not directly link to, but I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about- it's hard for me to believe that the staff is still turning a blind eye to tracing, still letting this farce go on. In the past few months there have been several incidents related to tracing that have caused large stirs in deviantART, and I thought it would perhaps become clear that a lot of people are angry. It's not just a few people. Remember the uproar o
:iconstop-tracing:stop-tracing 471 257
Pageviews and Popularity - The real deal.
Be an artist, not a number.
Many members of the artistic community here on DeviantART were shocked by a recent popular news article about how to become popular. I won't link to it because that would be foolish - but the mentality behind it was pageview orientated and made a 'mockery of all that deviantART stands for'.
So - to spell it out for everyone on DeviantART whos ever wanted more pageviews, I went to my nearest and dearest ' popular' artists and asked them what they thought about popularity and statistics.
The answer? They don't give a damn...
Your page views won't help you progress as an artist, and that is what you should be on this art site for.. the art..
Page views can be a feel good thing - I won't deny that - but it does not reflect how much your actual art is viewed, how sucessful or popular your art itself is, or even how popular you are.
Using cheap tactics as described in the article it is easy to generate high numbers of page views even with an EMPTY gallery.
:iconpoetryod:PoetryOD 974 376
How to NOT get more Popularity and Pageviews
According to the following story ( )that is how you get more popular. I am here to tell you all the evils of how to NOT have the pageviews or the allmighty popularity.
--Do Original Artwork--
Heaven forbid you make something that's not a fanart. Not drawing fanart will clearly result in millons of faves, and I mean... who would ever want such a thing? So... draw your own characters, create your own style, put time and effort into your work and you're golden! Such things will never result in any kind of attention, so you're good.
--Be Nice--
If you're nice to people, you'll get less attention. Since blocking and hiding any comments that offer advice on how to get better result in more love, you must always be nice and honest. Hiding comments and never asking for critiques makes you seem all mysterious and junk which is strangely attractive. Don't do it...
--Never Trace--
Thats the eas
:iconkarolinanoumenon:KarolinaNoumenon 581 645
Be The Change Challenge
"You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World."
- Mahatma Gandhi"
I am here today to challenge people to make a difference on deviantART. We as deviants are capable of changing how people feel about deviantART, this is our community and it is our responsibility to shape it into a place we can take pride in. The communities we choose to be involved in are an extension of ourselves, and the ways we choose to behave influence the form of the site here. If we act with in a supportive, appreciative, caring manner that is the atmosphere that this environment will have.
We are capable of supporting under-appreciated artists and their art, and using our personal networks of fans to spread the enjoyment of that artwork all around dA. So my challenge is a simple one, there will be no prizes for taking part as I was going offer prizes but thought lets do it for the sheer enjoyment of doing right, we should do this sort of thing because we care about building a better environment not becaus
:iconinsaneone:insaneone 377 238
Untied - Drawing :iconkata:Kata 1,429 806
The Gear Up: Tackling NaNoWriMo

:pointr:What is NaNoWriMo?
Your question answered
So you’re thinking about participating in the Fifty Thousand Word Grind, in fact, you’re excited about it, perhaps a little nervous even. Don’t worry, I am too. But I’m here to help you through the NaNo jitters and plan out a novel that you can be proud of have finished in a month.
Let’s face it, the goal of NaNoWriMo is to be able to say: I have finished a novel length project. It’s not about writing the next great epic but about crossing that (largely arbitrary) 50k line. It’s a goal, you want to reach it, you have no idea how. Where do you even start? How do you eat this giant 50,000 word literary elephant?!
One bite at a time.
:pointr:It's all about support:
For November I will be putting together a tracking list and a weekly supportive survey for your NaNo needs.
Depending on how many people we ha
:iconstjoan:StJoan 192 69
Charlie :iconibjennyjenny:ibjennyjenny 6 5 Now What? :iconirenelangholm:IreneLangholm 839 431 Photobooth Pictures Tutorial :iconbycavalera:byCavalera 1,169 316
The Band
you vaguely mentioned that
there would be miniature urine
shrines at the concert, because
they wanted to encourage
respect for public privacy
and this was a joke but I
saw signs for them that pointed
behind disheveled dumpsters
so I told you that you
were a prophet while we were
waiting on line, and you
gasped “hold on, I think God’s
calling me. I’ll be right
back” it took you ten
minutes, whatever you
did, and we laughed because
you said you’d heard
whispers about enlightened
this was your band- they
had an occasional glockenspiel and
lyrics that secretly made me
crawl into dripping caves inside
my ear so that I could lick
their echoes- and you wanted
to be like them, only more
you proclaimed this with
reverberating bones, stretching
your arms like a coat rack and
crying that they made you
know who you wanted to be
I mumbled “calm down”
trying to be embarrassed, but I was
silenced by my smile
after the final
song a friendl
:iconcynicalxpoet:cynicalxpoet 5 38
USE THIS 9 :iconinthename-stock:Inthename-Stock 23 4 Marvin The Paranoid Android :iconmorticonsstamps:MorticonsStamps 67 9 Photo Stamp :iconspyridon:Spyridon 357 35
dA Scholarship Project
Well, I was surfing dA and filling out a pile of scholarship applications and I thought, hey, dA doesn't have a scholarship!
So I got to thinking, what if dA members got together and donated a little $500 (USD) scholarship to a deserving member who is in high school or college and is planning on pursuing a career in art? You know, like majoring in Creative writing, Art, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design, etc. If we raised more than that, maybe we could give out more than one.Right now it's still all up in the air.
It wouldn't be a random deviant picking, or a "who's the best artist/ who draws the best yaoi" type of thing, but rather a scholarship for someone who really wants and needs it. There aren't a lot of Art Major scholarships out there, and I'd really like to see this take off, and hopefully get backed by the dA administration, but in order for that to happen, I need the backing of the dA members.
There's a lot you can do to help get this thing up and going.
You could
-Spread the wo
:iconmossi-mo:mossi-mo 40 26
Lesotho :iconisjusterin:isjusterin 9 19


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Favourite photographer: haddox
Favourite style of art: oh my god. it's a real question. pretty stuff =D
Operating System: 7/ubuntu/whatever else i feel like tacking on there ^^
MP3 player of choice: something that can fit all the music
Shell of choice: magic shell xD
Wallpaper of choice: wallpaper blows. paint kicks ass
Skin of choice: shinyshiny
Favourite cartoon character: TOKI WARTOOTH!!!!!!!!
Personal Quote: I joke about sex because it's funny when you're frightened

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That has been my advertising PSA.
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